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Forum Feedback/Suggestions (July 2, 2015)

1. It appears that comments can not be edited or deleted after a 1 hr has elapsed.
- This could be problematic as users won't have the ability to fix broken links, add text, fix grammatical errors, etc.

2. The Busker Equipment and Tools of The Trade (BuskTech) Category is hidden from the public.

3. Suggestion: Maybe there should be a "Suggestions" category so that people can give feedback on the forum and suggest new categories.

I tried to post in the "Users Guide, Suggestions, and Forum FAQ" section but I receive the error message
"You do not have permission to start discussions in this category"
4. Pictures cannot be upload into the body of the text. They can only be hyper-linked to an external address.

5. Pictures cannot be inserted inline with the text.

But so far so good. This forum engine seems to be pretty effective. It's not complex, bloated or laggy. I am using Firefox with cookies disabled.

Thank you The Busking Project for all that you do.
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