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5 best busking amps

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    Great entry. I was not aware of the Peavy or M4K.

    I used to go the battery-inverter route (2010-2013), but had to stop due to new ordinances in Las Vegas.

    Roland Street Cube Street 2: I used this amp extensively. I've used it in a park in Atlanta, in a train station in NYC, on the streets of Des Moines, Iowa, and on the streets in Las Vegas. To me, this is the best amp for singers, guitarists, or violinists who need portability. It can be carried comfortably in one hand (counter-balanced by an instrument case) and is easy to transport. It's rugged, can double as a chair, and sounds great for the price. (It's also sold everywhere-- Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Ebay, Amazon)

    Cube Street 2 | Violin + Backing Track | Justin Timberlake - "Suit & Tie"

    Roland BA 330: I bought one in Feb '14 because I needed something louder than the Cube Street 2. I run my violin and backing tracks through it's sufficient. The battery powered mode is a joke, so I modified it (alligator clips on the power leads) to run on a 14AH Lead Acid battery.

    As recommend in the comments, I am going to look into the M4K, AER, Mipro.

  • Yeah, the Mipro looks like it's a popular choice. We're creating a new amp post soon with a lot of updates :)
    Brandon Summers
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    The Roland AC 33 is the absolute best amp for busking there is. It has 2 channels, one with an XLR input, an Aux-In for playing backing tracks, Stereo Line Outs for hooking into a bigger sound system, Foot Pedal input, and more... It's light (not more than 10 lbs) , not much bigger than a lunchbox, and plenty loud enough for even small coffehouse gigs. It runs for 8 hours on AA batteries, has great reverb, delay, EQ, an even has a built-in looper. What more could you ask for?

    My only complaint about it is that Roland needs to make a specific case for it, with shoulder straps.
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    I'll put my money where my mouth is. Check out this vid of me busking last weekend (Apr 30, 2010) in Chattanooga, Tn., at the Walnut St. Bridge. The Roland AC 33 is the tiny black box sitting on the speaker stand next to me. I installed a stand mount on the side of the Roland. All of that great sound is coming from that little box, and it's all on batteries. At just 10 pounds, and a little bigger than a lunchbox, you can't lose. The AC 33 rocks!
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