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Helpful Busking Stuff

  • Specific Pitches/Cities/Countries

    Rant or Rave or Ask About performing in specific cities, countries or pitches. (Legalities, permits, politics, police hassle, general tips, etc.)
  • Beat of the Street

    Let us know if you've been arrested, fined, warned or harassed. Where are councils trying to put in new licenses, auditions, fees and bureaucracy? Where can we sign your petition or support you?
  • Busker equipment, and tools of the trade

    Have trouble with your amp? Drop a chainsaw on a bystander? Need to sell your 8ft unicycle to get a taller version? Post links to the best stuff (and find out where to shop) here. If you're a seller, contact us.
  • Gigs opportunities, corporate events, festivals –

    Let everyone know about gigs, festivals, agencies and so on.
  • Resources/Library

    Books, videos, magazines, other web sites, networks, conventions, classes and articles about performing, both external and written by performers.
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